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lo631028 發表於 2012-5-7 03:03 PM

iFBA v0.5

Should be available on cydia in a couple of hours.
Main changes are:

    update to latest FBA (including support of Demon Front & Bee Storm)
    added mameu game icons
    added mame history support
    (re)added mem hack to help low mem device run large cps3 games
    wiimote/icade/icp can be used in menu (not all menu/options are covered yet)
    customizable buttons layout for touchpad
    vpad: 2 buttons pressed now possible (touch between 2 buttons, buttons need to be close enough)
    fixed an issue with filters in game browser
    fixed a bug with iCade 'language' (keyboard layout) management
    fixed issue with iOS 4.3 and buttons mapping
    multiple bug fixes



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